Advantages of social media

The influence of social media and its impact in daily life.
Social media has changed the lives of modern society – Summit News


Social media is playing big role in today’s world when it is the world of information and technology. Every one has it’s own social media account. There is a famous quote Excess of everything is bad. This also applies there. Social media has many advantage as well as disadvantages
In the today’s world to influence of social media is on its peak. Every one is using social media. It is also the necessity of time especially after Corona pandemic. That time period becomes the largest reason to rely upon it.

Positive impact of social media

THERE are many positive impacts of social media. It makes our life easy. Through social media we can enhance our communication skills. We can get platforms through which we can showcase our talents. Social media can also help in the way that we can now talk to our family and friends who are living far away from us. We can also get information through social media. We can also express our feeling and ideas through social media. Social media is giving confidence to the people who did not get such courage in oneself to talk on front of others or those who are introverts, through social media they can also express themselves. People’s life are also changed after the rise of social media. For example the influencers who are not famous , are now famous only due to social media. Now it is just a click away to find an information.
For students, social media help them in educational purpose. They can now find solutions for their difficulties. If they did not get solution they can also take help through YouTube videos. For the people in professional life it may also help that they can get ideas to enhance their skills. After the rise of social media many jobs are also increased for example graphic designers, content writers etc. The skills are also showcased in the way that the people who have great command on studies or business strategies can make videos and write content in easy way so a lay person can also easily understand it.
Social media also help in the way that we can also come to know about our surroundings and about all over the world. In surviving in today’s world it is the basic need of people to know what is going in surrounding of them.

Negative impacts

Health and mental issue
Cyber crime
• Anxiety
• Decreased social life interaction
• Reduced productivity
With the positive impacts, there are also negative impacts of social media in our daily life. Through the excess use of social media many problems are also there. It effects our health and mind. Now even a kid is so addicted to social media that if a kid cries his or her parents give him mobile phone and now children are something when they have mobile phone in their hands.
The other negative impact is the rise of cyber crimes. In social media as when people are not directly present. They can use your personal information to blackmail you. The cyber crime rates are also raised today.
The excess use of social media also lessen the productivity especially with the rise of artificial intelligence, student productivity level is also decreasing because they now rely on artificial intelligence. The productive minds are now not working to enhance skills.
Social media in today’s world is taking so much time that people did not have any time for their family. They are now less interactive to other people. They are becoming so emotionless that they don’t bother any advice of other.
Social media is also making comparisons in people. From social media life people are trying g to live life which other people are living in reel. This cause anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression rate in today’s world is rising because when people watch other people using the facilities or resources they want to use and when they don’t use them, it leads them to depression. People now don’t tolerate other people. Their patience level is decreasing day by day.
Ways to overcome excess use of social media
In order to overcome the excess use of social media we have to limit screen time and to engage ourselves in offline activities like football, cricket etc.

Social media has many positive impacts as well as negative impacts. It make our life easier but if we rely on it fully it can cause many problems like less productivity, mental and health issue. In order to overcome the negative aspects  we have to limit our screen time as well as to engage ourselves in offline activities.

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