The Flash Movie Possible Spoilers: Main Villain Dark Flash’s Final Look Revealed?

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Disclaimer: The following article contains possible spoilers about The Flash movie and its villain Dark Flash.

The Mysterious Dark Flash Emerges

One of the most intriguing aspects of The Flash movie has been the identity of its main villain. Through merchandise promotion, a figure named Dark Flash has emerged as a potential antagonist for the Scarlet Speedster. Providing fans with a glimpse into this enigmatic character’s final look.

Dark Flash: A New Direction for the DCEU

While little is known about Dark Flash, indications suggest that the DCEU is taking the character in a fresh direction. In the comics, Dark Flash, also known as Black Flash, serves as the Grim Reaper for Speedsters. However, the upcoming Dark Flash figure and the limited details available hint at a departure from this established portrayal. The Flash merchandise information indicates that Dark Flash will have a distinct identity within the DCEU.

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The Theory of a Doppelganger

One popular theory among fans is that Dark Flash is, in fact, a doppelganger of Barry Allen, the Flash himself. Initially allies, it is believed that the new Barry will gradually transform into Dark Flash throughout the story. This intriguing narrative twist deviates from the traditional interpretation of Dark Flash as a personification of death for speedsters, transforming the character into a formidable antagonist.

Unveiling Dark Flash in The Flash Movie

The Flash movie is expected to showcase Dark Flash’s evolution as a character, likely revealing his emergence during the latter half of the film. As fans eagerly await the release, merchandise related to the movie allows them to bring a piece of the action into their own homes.

1. McFarlane – DC Multiverse – The Flash Movie 7″ Action Figure – Dark Flash


This is an incredibly detailed 7” scale figure based on Dark Flash’s appearance in The Flash movie.

Designed with Ultra Articulation, featuring up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play.
It includes a base for display purposes.
Collectible art card included, featuring character art on the front and character biography on the back.

Its available on Amazon, only for $19.99!

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2. Funko Pop! Movies: DC – The Flash, Dark Flash


Funko Pop also brought it’s own version of the Dark Flash Collectible. This Vinyl figure is approximately 3.9 inches tall.
According to them, It depicts Dark Flash who is ready for some action!
It sure is a great addition to any The Flash collection.

Its available on Amazon, only for $11.87!

Connections within the DCEU and SnyderVerse

The Flash movie is set to expand on the connections established within the larger DCEU and SnyderVerse. With Ezra Miller reprising his role as Barry Allen, fans can expect references to previous films and their events. The return of General Zod, portrayed by Michael Shannon, suggests a continuation of the SnyderVerse narrative. The introduction of Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle, further expands the superhero ensemble. Moreover, the inclusion of Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, returning as their respective Batman characters, adds an exciting dimension to the story. Rumors also suggest a cameo appearance by Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

The Flash Trailer 2

The Flash is set to release worldwide on 16 June 2023

As the release of The Flash movie draws nearer, fans are filled with mounting excitement and anticipation. With the revelation of Dark Flash’s final look and the inclusion of various iconic characters and connections to the larger DC universe, it’s clear that The Flash movie is set to be a thrilling and pivotal addition to the superhero genre. Many have already termed it as the “Greatest Superhero movie“, and that’s why WB decided to release this movie, despite the financial situation and all the controversies surrounding Erza.

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